six kid friendly essential oils on table w/ greenery : Fear Away, Owchie, Studyhall, Disco Power, Sweet Sleep & Tumease

Kids' Calm and Comfort Collection

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Our Kid-Friendly bundle is formulated for kids 24 months all the way up to adults

In this bundle, you will get a 15 ml bottle of each: Fear Away, Tumease, Study Hall, Owchie, Disco Power, and Sweet Sleep.

Fear AwayFear can bring a host of emotions or cause upset tummies, shaky hands, and sweaty foreheads. For some, fear can be fun but for most, it is not. Fear Away can aid in the relief of scared feelings and promote calm and happy thoughts and attitudes. 

Tumease: Nothing worse than the feel of knots in the tummy. Whether this is food or just emotional related our minty sweet Tumease will aid in soothing those minor stomach aches & pains. Can also be used before a meal to help reduce indigestion and bloating.

StudyhallBooks in hand, you are sure not to be excited for a study session when you could be out playing. Take this sweet grounding aroma to the diffuser to help calm and open the mind to aid in concentration and focus.

Owchie: Nobody likes the burn of a scrape or other owies. Our Owchie blend is your go-to for soothing minor aches, pains, scrapes and bruises.  It is also calming to the mind, so when we have frustrated littles from falling or other minor injuries, this can promote healing and calm the situation. 

DiscoPower: Throw up your hands and let's get energized! Disco Power is for uplifting and energizing on those down days. The woodsy, sweet lemony aroma is formulated using essential oils that can aid in uplifting and give a little emotional boost on days that you are feeling down and out. On days the blues are taking over, power up with this blend.

Sweet Sleep: Tossing when you are exhausted and the body, mind, and soul are just begging for a snooze can be so frustrating. Sweet Sleep aids the mind, body and soul find calm and a blissful space so you can close your eyes and rest peacefully so when you arise you feel rejuvenated and spry. We have formulated this synergy to promote a restful night’s sleep. 

Our Mission

At Harmony Aromatherapy Oils, we strive to obtain the purest essential oils and provide you with education to ensure proper and safe use.

Each of the oils we source have gone through extensive GC/MS testing. This testing is to ensure that you will receive a high-quality, properly distilled oil for your use. 

All of our synergy blends are formulated and individually tested by our in-house Aromatherapist.



I was delightfully pleased at how quickly my large order arrived, even over a holiday weekend. Everything was individually wrapped and nicely packed.


I tried several remedies to control my hormone fed hot flashes. A friend got me a bottle of the synergy blend Femease from Harmony Aromatherapy. FINALLY I am having success controlling my hot flashes. I am excited to place my own order and try other synergy blends.


Harmony Aromatherapy

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