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Harmony Aromatherapy™ Protection Synergy Blend

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Protection 15ml (.5oz)

Description: Flus and colds are sure to bring fevers, coughs, and stuffy noses. Our Protection is formulated with essential oils that can support your immune system and aid in combating the ills of the flu and cold season. Protection is your go-to for supporting a healthy immune function.

Suggested Use: Mix 4 drops into a tbsp of carrier and apply to bottoms of the feet to promote good health. Can be used as a household cleaner for its antibacterial properties when adding 20 drops to 1 cup of distilled water for a DIY countertop cleaner in an essential oil safe spritzer bottle. 

Applications:  Aromatically, Topical with dilution or Neat - no dilution needed. 

What's in the formula:  Clove (Eugenia caryophyllata), Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), Lemon (Citrus limon)

Our Mission

At Harmony Aromatherapy Oils, we strive to obtain the purest essential oils and provide you with education to ensure proper and safe use.

Each of the oils we source have gone through extensive GC/MS testing. This testing is to ensure that you will receive a high-quality, properly distilled oil for your use. 

All of our synergy blends are formulated and individually tested by our in-house Aromatherapist.



I was delightfully pleased at how quickly my large order arrived, even over a holiday weekend. Everything was individually wrapped and nicely packed.


I tried several remedies to control my hormone fed hot flashes. A friend got me a bottle of the synergy blend Femease from Harmony Aromatherapy. FINALLY I am having success controlling my hot flashes. I am excited to place my own order and try other synergy blends.


Harmony Aromatherapy

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