🎨 Get Crafty this Fall with Harmony Aromatherapy!

Get Crafty this Fall with Harmony Aromatherapy!

Transform your home into a cozy haven with our handpicked fall craft ideas. Discover the joy of autumnal crafting inside! 

Here are four fall-themed crafts that incorporate essential oils:

 **Autumn Scented Candles:**

Create your own fall-inspired candles by adding essential oils like cinnamon or clove to melted wax. These candles will fill your home with cozy, seasonal scents.

 **Fall Potpourri:**

Make your potpourri by combining dried leaves, pinecones, and dried citrus peels. Add a few drops of essential oils like orange, cedarwood, and frankincense to enhance the aroma. Place it in decorative bowls around your home.

 ** Spicey Sweet Room Spray:**

Whip up a clove and orange room spray by mixing water with a few drops of clove and orange essential oils. Spritz this delightful scent throughout your living spaces for an instant autumn ambiance.

 **Scented Pinecone Decor:**

Collect pinecones and infuse them with your favorite fall scents by placing them in a sealed bag with a few drops of essential oils like pine, cedarwood, or eucalyptus. Use them as fragrant decorations in bowls or wreaths.

 These crafts are not only enjoyable to make but also infuse your home with the delightful scents of autumn, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.