Who We Are

Hi there! I’m Amy Lyman, Founder and CEO of Harmony Aromatherapy. Founded in 2009, Harmony Aromatherapy is a female-owned and family-run business based in Loa, Utah.

Amy Lyman

As a massage therapist and former holistic birth coach, I learned about essential oils and their benefits to natural health. In 2004, while living in Seattle, I enrolled in the East West School, and certified in Herbal and Aromatic Medicine. During that time, I performed independent research on the products, marketing and distribution process of the largest essential oil companies.

I was shocked by the high price of their oils, the existence of false information and lack of education surrounding the industry. These issues inspired me to expand my expertise and begin my own practice and dispensary.

Harmony Aromatherapy is committed to providing the purest and most high-quality oils at an affordable price. We employ mandatory purity testing and utilize premium ingredients from top distributors in Australia, France, and the United States.

Our family is dedicated to process and ingredient transparency, as well as educating our patients and clients to assist them on their own personal health journeys.

Our full time aromatherapists will answer any questions, provide personalized guidance as you choose oils for your health needs, and ensure you have the safest, most reliable essential oils experience.