Sun Safety 101: Get to Know Lavender Essential Oils!

With summer here, it's important to be mindful of your skin care routine. Sun protection is essential, but we want you to be smart and safe while still having fun in the sun! Lavender Essential Oil is perfect for both protecting and healing your skin from the sun. It can also help soothe minor burns or irritations due to its anti-inflammatory properties.


Lavender Oil helps protect against sun damage by creating a barrier on your skin that guards against harmful UV rays. When applied after sun exposure, lavender oil works as an antioxidant to help repair any damage that has been done and prevent further destruction of cells by free radicals. To get the most out of your lavender oil, mix a few drops with your regular moisturizer or sunscreen for added sun protection.


You can also make an easy after-sun spray using lavender essential oil. Simply combine a teaspoon of almond or coconut oil with two to three drops of lavender essential oil and some distilled water in a spray bottle. Shake it well before each use and spritz it on any areas that have experienced sunburns or skin irritations for instant relief.


With these mindful skin care tips, you’ll be able to enjoy summer fun without worrying about painful burns! Make sure you are always prepared with our Insect Away Essential Oil Blend and Lavender Essential Oil for all your summer adventures.

Have a safe and mindful summer!